I appreciate to StrawberryNet for responding my interview.

<General Company Information>

StrawberryNet is a Hong Kong based cosmetic company that operating since 1996 and currently supplying customers in over 200 different countries. With over 10 years in business and backed by a dedicated team devoted to improving customer’s shopping experience, StrawberryNet aims to be innovative and modern with a determination to become the leader in the future of ‘E’Tailing.

The company website is the first truly global offer of branded products at a discounted price. Its product and service are stemmed from the belief in providing a hassle-free environment for its customer’s benefit; skincare, makeup and fragrances with easily affordable prices.

The summary of interview is following.

JY: Who are your target audiences? Who do social media job in your company?

StrawberryNet: female 18+

JY: Who do the job?

StrawberryNet: marketing executive

JY: What is your goal by using social media?

StrawberryNet: To increase new customers, traffic, and conversions

JY: When do you message out?)

StrawberryNet: Everyday

JY: Why you use social media and why would it be the best for your company? Why not something else?

StrawberryNet: Because social media is now popular and easy tool to deliver the message.

JY: What is your favorite social media channel?

StrawberryNet: Facebook/ tools: photos, updates

JY: How social media is integrated into communication strategy with traditional media? How important your company rank the social media?

StrawberryNet: We share our social media pages with traditional media. Our emails allow customers to connect with us through those channels. Social media is ranked “medium importance” in our company.

StrawberryNet has its own official website, Facebook with 101K fans, and Twitter with 2,529 followers.

On Facebook page, StrawberryNet introduces its new items, discount promotions, free gift, etc. with pictures. Under those pictures, customers leave their reviews, which is so much important for girls when they purchase new cosmetics. Moreover, by asking questions like “You’re running low on sleep from last night and only have 5 minutes to get out the door. What’s your morning beauty fix to make you look fresh & awake?“, it raises customers engagement and interactivity.

On Twitter, StrawberryNet announces its promotion, and answer each follower’s question. Besides, its Twitter functions as customer service.

Through Twitter, the small talks come and go, and the company actually builds relationship with customers from all over the world.

Finally, its website is user-friendly environment. It categorizes into functions and brand names. If I can give my opinion to Strawberry, I would suggest it can put its Twitter and Facebook widgets on its website.

According to the company,  StrawberryNet is “Like fresh strawberries, all products are fresh and genuine brand items and our special offers are simply, irresistibly sweet. We are a totally international company that purchases all genuine products duty free and delivers anywhere in the world. We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers in over 200 countries worldwide.”

And I feel its appropriate social media usage is one of the important channels to fulfill its worldwide customers.

(I respect the interviewee’s request , so I do not exhibit t the interviewee’s name.)


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