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Artlandish has been currently registered as an Interior and Garden Design company in Ingham County Michigan, by Douglas F. Heilman.

The founder, Douglas F. Heilman is an artist and designer who produces and markets the artistically beautiful tree-lamps. ‘Treebone lights’ is one of product lines in his business, targeting to retail-, hospitality-, home furnishings- industries as well as art galleries, designers, decorators, art lovers and collectors. 

‘Treebone lights’ have several unique features. The products are made with outfitting dead tree trunks and limbs foraged from several sources, with adjustable halogen spotlights. Each lamp is a work of art; each trunk or limb is selected for its distinctive characteristics or uniformity. ‘Treebone lights’ look like real bare trees and create a tranquil park-like feel indoors.

As mentioned, Artlandish is a comparably recent company, and it had not started any of social media work. My client, Doug, had a Facebook business page, which was not published yet. So, we focused on polishing up his business profile, and trimmed the contents to look more professional. Additionally, we created Twitter and Pinterest accounts.  On Twitter I found people or organizations to follow, which might give Doug inspiration or help; or ideas about how art-related content is presented on Twitter.

What I consider the biggest success of this project is that Doug has less reluctance to use social media than in the past. He used to say that he was a technophobe, nevertheless, he could overcome those difficulties gradually through this project. Once a week, we had a meeting on Skype; I informed him about some new social media tools that could be applied to his business, and counseled him on what we should improve and maintain.

However, there were also obstacles. He just launched his business and tried to look for distribution channels as well, so he was not able to invest enough time to social media. Since he has not used social media work before, and he wanted to proceed at his own pace according to his ‘Treebone light’ business situation in the market, it seemed not proper if I just conduct the social media part by myself. At the beginning, I felt that I should have some apparent results to show to my professor, but I realized that this is beyond my responsibility. And I learned through this project that I have to put my client’s perspective first; whatever the most suitable tools out there, and 1. going along in accordance with the client’s pace. Additionally, there are so many tools that are luring people, claiming that they help their business. Thus it is also 2. critical to have insights whether these tools are useful for the business: where are the target audiences, do I use this social platform just because of its popularity?

Finally, I would suggest that Doug keeps up engaging in social media. As he becomes more familiar with it, he can hope to attract more on-line attention. Using 1. traffic analytic tools (, he can then monitor where his potential target audience lies and what type of content people are attracted to.

As a next step in bringing his products into social media, we talked about filming short 2. YouTube-clips introducing his art-works and giving a behind-the-scenes look into their creation. This would trigger the customer’s interest and give the product a more unique and personal quality. It would also allow Doug to express himself and his artsy sensibility and make the media-interaction more “social.”

By using such an approach to social media, we expect to raise awareness for Artlandish and its product, and increase its sales.


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