I often enjoy reading CNNGO.com, since this website introduces interesting news/stories from all over the world. It mainly talks about the topics that anyone might like reading easily and playfully; such as tour, hotel, food, etc. Additionally, one of distinctive traits of CNNGO is that ranking or listing cities, countries, street foods, places, nationalities and the like according to interesting subjects; for instance, ‘15 bizarre, but amazing, hotels‘ ‘15 of the world’s weirdest museums‘ or ‘World’s 10 rudest countries for travelers. The website focuses closely on visual impact with eye-catching pictures, which provides me tips or ideas for next travel.

The news like ‘world’s 15 most expensive hotel suites‘, however, is just only for reading; that’s a pie in the sky. It explains brief but core information of hotels with spectacularly expensive prices per night. 15 hotels are arranged according to the price orders (low to high) individually. While reading the news, I was kind of curious how big the gap between each rankings. So, I played the numbers with Chart Wizard. The graph below shows the price gap more apparently, which you might simply miss while scrolling down the mouse. The interesting point is there is the most huge gap between the first and second expensive hotels. As such, graph can show the information at a glance, which could be taken way longer time if you explain with words. Visual image has sometimes stronger and more effective impact than words, which is why using the tool such as chart wizard is practical and easy.

World's 15 Most Expensive Hotel Suites (USD per night)


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