At some point, photography has become a different meaning to many people; popular entertaining  hobby as well as socializing activity. I would like to talk about two aspects of photo taking. Both activities could not really be related to each other, but I want to make some point that social media changes the meaning and definition of photo.

There are many people who into photo-taking; carrying dslr all around wherever they go, taking all kinds of pictures –food, flower, scenery, girlfriend, etc. Maybe I am conservative, but I didn’t understand why and how come some people, who are not even amateur photographers, invest such a huge amount of money to the camera, and obsessed to collecting different kinds of lenses. It (past tense from the previous sentence ☺) sounds like now I am the one who has all kinds of lenses, and talk about the value of discontinued model, I am still distant to those picture-taking hobby. For a long while, I haven’t used my digital camera; taking photos of myself, family, boyfriend, and friends with my iPhone is the only picturing related activity. Although I don’t have big obsession to assess sophisticated and stunning performing camera, I enjoy taking photos with my beloved ones like others.

After watching one of the clips –from my prof. Kral, however, I kind of understand why people enjoy taking pictures and considering this activity as their hobbies. Normally our visions are fixed to our heights, and have rare chance to see subjects from different angles. However, taking pictures allow us to see the subjects, as if we have different eyes- maybe dogs’, dragonflies’, etc. This newly fabricated reality brings the excitement and transformed world that we haven’t seen yet. Then, why photographing becomes more socializing activity ? Nowadays, taking picture with many friends is casual thing, whereas we usually took pictures for memorable moment in the past. Printed pictures on the wall or on the desk move to desktop or laptop. A couple of pictures that you are carrying in your wallet is replaced by hundreds photos in your smartphone. The meaning of photo-taking switches from reminiscing to sharing.

In consequence, picture sharing websites such as Flikr, PhotoBucket, or Photo Dekho let people share and show-off their newly created world via these platforms, while social network accelerate photo-taking as more frequent and common activity as socializing in our lives.


About jungyoon

I'm a Public Relations graduate student at Michigan State University. I love travel, food and workout.

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