When I read the article about Pinterest for the first time, I was just confused. Another form of social platform,,, Should I join?  However, it was a little different from others. It invites me, or I have to be on the waiting list. This signing up system makes me curious about how people interact, what sort of things people share on Pinterest, and why people are too much into it. Waiting for a couple of days, I could hear from Pinterest and log in, finally. While browsing Pinterest, I didn’t know what pin and re-pin were, but I found myself simply enjoying pictures. At some point, I just wanted to have some pictures of cloth, shoes, accessories, dessert, pretty female celebrities, home interior, etc from other users; you can add pictures on your board and this is called re-pin, by the way. Yes, the pictures on Pinterest, inspires me, and I guess to other women as well. When I was junior high/high school student, I used to copy the pictures online that I liked, and save on my computer. Usually I forgot the pictures existence or the location in which I saved those, however. From time to time, when I was wandering around and playing with my computer, I discovered the old pictures. And I was aware of this cycle; copying and saving and then forgetting, but I kept doing. Then why? Simply because, I wanted to imitate  the pictures, in near future. And Pinterest approaches to this psychological needs (do I overgeneralize my case into many others’ cases?), and provides elaborate sense of collecting and organizing eye-catching, inspiring, and creative pictures: Pinterest is electronically upgrading stage of bookmarking : Pinterest is grown-up’s (for the current situation) playground where you can find treasures like when you found mind-blowing pictures during your teenage times.


About jungyoon

I'm a Public Relations graduate student at Michigan State University. I love travel, food and workout.

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  1. I really enjoyed your piece about Pintrest. I liked how you weren’t afraid to explore and find out for yourself what it is all about. Being new to Pintrest as well, I find it a little intimidating that you have to wait for an invitation to be allowed to view the sight. It sounds like you, as well, we a little confused/ annoyed about this. The invitation aspect only kind of makes me feel like there’s a party going on that I am not invited to. Maybe that exclusivity is part of the appeal. Although, I have never explored Pintrest it seems like a great way to find out about your interests. You have inspired me to give it a try!

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