I would like to introduce the company ‘PR Couture’, which operates the business related to fashion PR, Marketing and Social Media. I found this company by chance, while looking for someone or some organization to follow on Twitter. As a PR graduate student, who likes clothes, shoes, bags, etc. –let’s say fashion-, ‘PR Couture’ was MUST FOLLOWING subject for me. It was an interesting experience that finding some topic or information effortlessly in such a short time. A couple of weeks later, when I logged in Twitter, and @PR_Couture tweeted about job, and that was a huge appeal. Since, I had to flight back to my country within a month, which is why I felt sorry for myself and I decided to ask whether she knew about similar companies in Korea or Hong Kong. And a few minutes later, @PR_Couture replied me. Really? Such a big company answered my question within 10 minutes? It’s cliché to say, but I  indeed realized the power of Twitter through this experience.

In 2006, ‘PR Couture’ was established in San Diego by fashion PR and marketing expert Crosby Noricks. ‘PR Couture’ is not a PR agency, instead it offers insights of fashion PR; it recommends and introduces trends in fashion PR, fashion PR agency news, fashion journalists/media publications interview, fashion PR tips and strategy, fashion PR jobs/internship, etc. ‘PR Couture’ uses social media network sites such as its official Website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, Google +, and Tumblr.

According to Crosby Noricks, ‘PR Couture’ incorprates social media into their business, because social media acts as an additional channel to share PR Couture articles, build relationships and identify news. And through this social media activity, she wants to achieve a goal “to drive traffic back to PR Couture (Website), to build brand awareness, build relationships and find out things to write about. I don’t have measurable goals but twitter and Facebook are the second biggest traffic drivers to the site. I have a goal on Pinterest to reach 3,000 followers by the end of March.” Crosby, a founder of ‘PR Couture’, has been aware of the importance of social media, and she completely support the company’s social media campaign.

<The founder of PR Couture, Crosby Noricks>

PR Couture’s strategy is offering useful solution, information, and trend in fashion PR industry.  Crosby said “I offer a free PR Plan template to new email subscribers. I spend 1-2 hours a day total sharing information and engaging with people on Twitter.” Besides, ‘PR Couture’ provides power sessions to help applicants to build plans together and reach their goals closer. The service is offered via Skype or phone call. Plus, her interviews with other fashion prfoessionals on Vimeo give inspiration to the people who are looking for the new fashion trend. By giving what people want, ‘PR Couture’ make target groups more engaged.

Now it is the time to see how ‘PR Couture’ is doing on each social medium platform.

First of all, I would like to look at its official Website, http://www.prcouture.com/. When you visit the Website, the first page shows you all about information and news that you can expect and find from ‘PR Couture’. On top of the menu bar, there are ‘About, Read All, Goodies, and Find an Agency’. All menus have sub-menus, and users can be easily aware of what content each sub-menu contains; when users move their mouse on the menu, the details drop down.

Moreover, the Website also has sidebars -under the name of ‘Browse by category’, and which actually conveys the same content with menus, but it facilitates individual user to find relevant information with less effort. It seems that the sidebar is created based on the different target groups and their needs; targets are fashion PR agency, fashion PR job seeker, fashion related company, etc. In brief, it shows directly what different sorts of services this company is offering to different targets accordingly. For instance, it displays the news about fashion PR jobs with position and location info for job seekers, at the same time, right under that information it also exhibits ‘Post a Job for $25’ for fashion PR agencies. The other feature is that it has widgets that connect to its all social-network platforms –Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, Google+, and Tumblr. These sites are interrelated and make users easy to share contents.

Last but not least, it also links to FEM MGID, which aims at “providing high levels of satisfaction and entertainment by producing interesting news and shopping experiences for women”. This links allows free traffic exchange so that PR Couture can be inbounded with many number of visitors from this Website (or could be the other way around too). FEM MGID usually suggested various tips for fashion, health & beauty, relationships, etc. In this sense, FEM MGID might can provide wide pool of PR Couture’s target groups. By linking to this website,  ‘PR Couture’ can propose many solutions or interesting topics that its target group would enjoy and be engaged.

Overall, the website is professionally done; not only about the looking –colors, layout, picture, and so on- but also easy guidance and description of the company.

Secondly, Twitter can be one of the biggest contributors of traffic to the Website. With a username @PR_Couture, it has 27,379 followers (9,251 following). It tweets almost everyday about the contents that have posted on other social platform. These are feeds that informing people what events company have done or will do in a brief message form. What’s more, the company is diligent to respond to others in real-time. The company interacts with its target groups continuously and thanks them when it gets helped – and the targets are also vary on Twitter; from student who seek job to business partner.

Third, PR Couture’s Facebook page wins 5,133 likes. On its wall, the new pieces appear when new posts uploaded on the Website. Besides, ‘PR Couture’ posts relevant articles for its business partners or other target audiences. The distinguished feature on Facebook page is that Crosby, the founder of ‘PR Couture’, posts her pictures from work or events –some looks personal, however always related to her work. This allows the fans to have less distant feeling to the company, by giving humanized traits on company’s face.

The next is the recently popular social–media platform, Pinterest. Pinterest has 2,907 followers. Same as Facebook, Pinterest has more human face; the username is ‘Crosby Noricks’not a company name. As well-known for Pinterest’s infographic, ‘Crosby’ uses this network well to approach its targets; 80% of Pinterest’s users are female, and 81% of female user are aged from 25 to 54. On Pinterest, ‘PR Couture’ posts pictures of celebrities, fashion, accessories, desserts, and the like. These are the very subjects that targets might be interested and enjoy. By repining, ‘Crosby’ interacts with followers.

The fifth is Quora. This is “question-answer website that aggregating the questions and answers according to topics and allow users to collaborate to edit”. ‘Crosby (username)’ has 809 followers, and she has answered four questions. The absolute number of answer is quite low though, it is obvious that she has tried to help solving others’ problems or curiosities.

‘PR Couture’ interconnects all social media, and also visible, the users or target groups can easily share, and follow the content. In general, most users or reviewers have not mentioned negative things about ‘PR Couture’, and actually the company tries to engage itself first to attract more followers. For instance, it gives insightful and meaningful information, hip-trends, tips, and strategy to whom asking for. Consequently many followers share, re-tweet, and like what ‘PR Couture’ talks.

In addition, when search the term with ‘Fashion PR’, ‘Fashion Public Relations’,  ‘Fashion PR Jobs’, ‘Fashion PR Agency’ and ‘Fashion PR Firm’ on Google, the company Website comes up at the top of the list, which indicates the company uses correct word for search engine optimization (SEO).

Nevertheless of these facts, there are some parts to be complemented. From my viewpoint, I think PR Couture’s Tumblr has limited function to attract users or interact with them. Since, Tumblr is mostly used as microblogging with pictures, it can be replaced to Pinterest; some long articles may be irritates readers who expect short text and visual contents. Also contents in Tumblr contain that can be read on its Website or Facebook page. It seems the contents are duplicated too many times. The other one is Google+ . Google+ acquires only 49+, and only 38 circles are there. It demonstrates that ‘PR Couture’ is using less proper social media that not many users are listening. It seems that those platforms are not necessary and useful; it could waste of its resources.


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I'm a Public Relations graduate student at Michigan State University. I love travel, food and workout.

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