In this digital era, social media have changes so many things: the way of communication, the number of people you can reach, etc. New media facilitate immediate response and bring about geographical borderless. In this sense, people access to news and stories quicker from many different places (sources), simultaneously, the story spreads out widely with almost no spacious limitation. News is conveyed not only from reporters or big broadcasts, but also individuals, who are just like you and me, although the reliability lacks sometimes. The following is publicly well-known case, how Twitter functions more efficiently compared to the traditional media. When the earthquake occurred in Sichuan, China, the news was delivered by Twitter first. However, disseminating information is not a mere role of Twitter.

Then how does Twitter become a powerful tool to interact with others with a limitation of cryptic 140-character message? Twitter really matters to different demographics and in so many different fields . From full-time moms, professionals, artists, students and celebrities to the business, there are so many people and/or organization using Twitter with different purposes. Some tweets for individual interests, others for careers or business. Additionally, tweeted topics are so diverse. Scott, David’s book, “Real-Time Marketing & PR”, introduces detail explanation of various consumption of Twitter.

In the business field, Twitter is a must-tool to promote events, seek customers’ needs, deal with crises in a right time, send the right messages to the (target) audiences, and the like. My favorite case from the Scott’s book is the way Japanese pharmaceutical company promoted its soon-to-be expired drugs to customers. Analytic tools, such as TweetDeck and HootSuite, enable to Twitter users to monitor the traffic and analysis the statistical data. Through the graphic result, users can generate and avoid certain topics or events by counting the number of hashtags, retweets, etc.

Twitter can be used for hiring somebody or finding a job. Supposed that the Public Relations student type #prjobs’, ‘#prstudents’ or ‘#printerns’ in a search blank. Then it will show all tweets that contain the hashtags mentioned above. This sort of ‘categorization’ makes recruiting and looking for a job easier and smoother by showing the counterparts’ needs more conspicuously. Moreover, people even tweet about career development and professional advices. For my case, I have had difficulties to figure out how I could find and apply the jobs in Hong Kong, as having a Korean nationality as well as living in the US currently. When I put ‘#prjobs Hong Kong’, the results shown up, although it was way lesser than PR jobs in the US; I might have had a lot more results, if I searched in Chinese though. It was such a striking solution for me, having been searching the PR jobs that Hong Kong based companies for a long while.

These are not all about Twitter. To demonstrate the benefits of Twitter, I would like to continue and extend my story. I am a real novice-blogger, in spite of having had thoughts of making my own blog for a long time. The reason for hesitation was more of my stereotype that blogging should be done by the one who has sufficient knowledge and idea about the topics; basically, I assumed blog is for experts. However, if you are passionate enough to talk about certain topics, then, you are half-done. Social media is just like a playground where you can find people easily, who have common interests with you. Twitter is one of the tools to help you to pursuing this convenience. There are many more different ways to search the common interests though, hashtag in Twitter suggests me hundreds of sources with larger audiences, which I might not be able to meet offline. People are all like you, and me. All have thirst for their interests. And if you quench their thirst with your appealing and compelling blog contents through Twitter (by link them), you will get a great chance to promote your blog.


About jungyoon

I'm a Public Relations graduate student at Michigan State University. I love travel, food and workout.

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  1. I thought that What you posted about Twitter and social media was not only insightful, but very informative. There were many interesting examples and insight. I was impressed with the many links that you included.

    Maybe you could try to make your links open in a new window to keep followers from navigating away from your blog pieces. That way, they could easily get to the links that you post without having to go back to read the rest of your blog.

    I can really appreciate the time and effort that went into your blog piece and I can tell that you have really studied the material and paid close attention to what you have been writing! Very socially responsible, just what twitter is all about!

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